Carl Thomas Ski Weekend 2005


Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Straight Nasty Hooker!

She's ready! Posted by Hello

all in it Posted by Hello

Of course u go to the next step Posted by Hello

she was loving it Posted by Hello

and loving it Posted by Hello

then she flipped over  Posted by Hello

lord have mercy Posted by Hello

then she saw this girl Posted by Hello

egged on by the perverts.... Posted by Hello

and she went for it Posted by Hello

head all in pun intended Posted by Hello

why? she didnt even know the girl Posted by Hello

couldn't get enuf... Posted by Hello

getting a mouthful Posted by Hello

now they best friends! Posted by Hello

Most Annoying

For me its "Chronic Halitosis" Will. Maybe if he cured his problem he would get a woman!

Who bothered u?

U need a colon cleanser buddy! Posted by Hello

The broke stripper ran a close second! Her sexual escapade is listed under Straight Hooker Posted by Hello

I have questions...Why the cheap shoes? A multi colored brown shirt with blue jeans with red trim and black shoes? no wonder her shit is tacky…she ain’t making no money! And why on earth didn’t she dye those black roots? Posted by Hello

Biggest Balla

I think it's the dude who bought the On Demand Horse Stable in the Auction...What yall think?


Come let it out!

very sexy Posted by Hello

I need to shoot down to the fabric store and get me some satin Posted by Hello

Hot Chocolate! Posted by Hello

Very Moulin Rouge Posted by Hello

very beautiful Posted by Hello

Nastiest Lingerie Outfit

Ok post your comments...hopefully I have the pic of the person u been talking about!

are those regular dress shoes? couldn't find any hooker heels?  Posted by Hello

One of the On Demand Mares...this was nasty...Tip: Eat bread...cause the ass is fat but flat! Posted by Hello

Another one? enuf already! Posted by Hello

PAJAMAS..not Conchita outfit con Girdle! Posted by Hello

itchy  Posted by Hello

itchy Posted by Hello

ya ya Posted by Hello

ya yaaaaaaaa Posted by Hello

Hint: if you have to wear a bra with ain't lingerie! Posted by Hello

Her outfit wasn’t that nasty...just cheap...she was the nasty one all weekend! Posted by Hello

What in the hell???? Posted by Hello

Hint to Slim: The party for the hookers with the clear heels and fake fur was at the Day's Inn. Posted by Hello

all I have to say is 'Cottage Cheese' anyone? Posted by Hello

Hands down...Worst outfit Posted by Hello